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Love of reading

From early days S loved looking at books. she didn’t so much liked being read to during early months but loved looking at pictures and very soon learnt to turn the pages over. Reading books is now one of our daily activities. We visit our local library once every two or three weeks to borrow books. I like the library environment alot specially the children’s corner. We have just started going to a wriggle and rhyme programme that is run by our Library once a week, which means we get to visit more often and borrow more books which is very exciting. I have to say S loves chewing on the books too, so yes we are still only borrowing hard cover books. S has just started to bring books over to me, sits on my lap, and turns pages over for me so I can read to her. I find it very relaxing and we both enjoy it so much. I mainly choose books with real pictures or drawings so her early understanding of the world is based on reality. e.g. a real picture of a dog gives so much more accurate information than a cartoon type picture. We have baskets of books in every corner of the house and I find S reading to herself in all the funny and weird places 🙂

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