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About us

Hi and welcome to our page 🙂

Thanks for visiting our blog. This is a space where I share with you my understanding of Montessori philosophy and how my husband and I put it into practice in our home setting. I live in Auckland, New Zealand with my husband and our daughter whom I refer to as S in this blog.


I have a bachelor degree in Education, specialising in Montessori method (primary years, 3 to 6). I first learnt about Montessori approach during my teacher training back in 2009. When I researched about it in more depth, I knew when I have my own kids we will definitely be implementing it into our daily lives. I have to say we do not follow Montessori to the letter. In fact, I have not read all of Montessori writings. We only take what we believe is right for us based on our understanding of Montessori literature. I still read the latest research about children’s development and learning and incorporate other approaches and pedagogies. I have also been inspired by Magda Gerber’s philosophy (RIE).

Please feel free to write to me in the comment section of each post. I would be glad to hear your feedback. I am new to blogging. It may not look very professional but my intention is to keep a portfolio of S’s learning journey in her early years of life.