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Daily activities 10-15 months old

In this post I will be posting photos of S exploring different activities.


Here, we are making organic mulberry jam. S was picking them one at a time with great concentration. she looked at each one carefully, studied it, manipulated it with her hands and eventually put it in her mouth. Mulberries are so juicy and sweet and S really enjoyed eating them. S is 10 months old here.


Water play is a great open-ended learning experience. It is not only fun but provides so many learning opportunities for young children. To name just a few, it stimulates your baby’s senses, ┬áit is soothing, great activity for full body engagement, develops concentration and problem solving, early mathematical understanding, connection with the natural world, hand-eye coordination, and manipulative skills of pouring, lifting, etc.


Puppets are good for developing creative mind and social skills but mainly for older children. S and her Dad was having very interesting interaction here.

Montessori believed children under 6 is best not to be encouraged to do fantasy play. I attended a Montessori conference about creativity two years ago. From the main speeches I understood that children under 6 need real experiences, for instance if we want to teach them to bake it is best to start with real baking experiences and leave the imagination and creativity to the child (instead of pretending to cook using sand or playdough). Children must build their understanding of the world based on reality, once that is formed they can use that real understanding to make a “copy” and can manipulate and change that copy in their creative mind.

20131124_132917In the nature, fantastic sensorial learning, feeling of grass on the skin, cool breeze, leaves gently dancing on the tree, I can imagine how calming that could be for S

SAM_5343 SAM_5336

Lots and lots of opportunities for free movement

the bell and ball cylinder rolls away, S lifts up her body and scoots over to grasp it, it rolls away from her again and she continuities to move forward, the cylinder provides stimulation for movement.