Food Preparation

Food preparation is one area of Practical Life activities.

I am going to start with cutting a banana. The reason I have chosen banana as a start is because it is soft, easy to peel and cut, and S loves eating it.

SAM_6708 SAM_6710

Until now I’ve been giving S small pieces of banana and mandarin (with the skin on) to peel and eat (like the pictures above ).

Now it is time to take it to the next level. Here I have set up the activity on a low table with all the materials we need. I am going to use a spreading knife for safety reason.

This instruction is just a guide, to break down the activity into steps so we can remind ourselves how complicated our every day tasks are and how much effort and concentration it takes for a small child to carry out a simple task.

SAM_7346 SAM_7347

1)sit on your child’s dominant side.

2)tell her “today I’m going to show you how to peel a banana and cut it”.

3)pick up the banana, hold it with your non-dominant hand.

4) peel it with your dominant hand.

5)put the skin in the bowl (or whatever you are going to use).

6)place the banana on the chopping board.

7) pick up the knife and hold it with your dominant hand.

8) hold the banana on the board with your non-dominant hand (make sure yours arms are not obstructing the child’s view).

9)start cutting the banana from left to right into small pieces.

10)once finished chopping, put the knife down.

11)pick up the tong and hold it with your dominant hand.

12)pick a piece and put it on the white plate. Continue doing this for all the pieces.

13)now pick one and eat it and offer one to your child.

14)once finished eating together, put the skin in the rubbish bin/compost bin.

15)now invite your child to have a turn.

SAM_7352 SAM_7353

With an older child, proceed to wash the dishes in the sink.

(as S is still very young, I cut the ends beforehand and make a small cut on the sides so it is easier for her to peel. Once she masters this I will teach her to cut the ends herself)

SAM_7363 SAM_7354



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