More toys ideas at 14 months

Some of these toys could be used well before 14 months of age (e.g. bead maze, deposit boxes, etc). I researched and bought these toys well before S was ready and kept them in the toys cupboard and brought each one out when I felt the time was right. S was using the bead maze since she was 6 months old. At the beginning she would only move one bead at a time and now she manipulates them in different ways. some of these toys such as the puzzles and the deposit boxes could be used together to make the activity more complex as the child becomes more capable. e.g. to provide more challenge we can simply combine the rectangular and square prism activities. ย Image

Top shelf left to right:

discs on horizontal dowel and vertical dowels, these were designed by Montessori, purpose: hand-eye coordination, practice with different finger grasps, Indirect purpose: colour recognition, sorting and categorizing

Wooden pounding bench:

purpose: hand-eye coordination, basic of cause and effect, motor skills

drawing activity,

a selection of felt pens and a paper, I chose a brand that is easy for a 14 months old to hold and easily makes mark on paper

object permanence box with drawer and a single circle puzzle (Montessori materials)

I have explained about puzzles here, object permanence box purpose: develops hand-eye coordination, and indirectly allows child to experience object permanence, works on precise hand movement, wrist and finger control

Bottom shelf left to right:

Mommy made object permanence box with tray and ball (Montessori material)

purpose: the child has to drop the ball into the hole, the balls rolls down into the tray, she becomes familiar with the object permanence concept, refined hand movement meaning control of wrist and finger grasp

Montessori puzzles as explained here in this post

deposit box with rectangular prisms, I used formula tin to make this, purpose: to fit the prisms into the hole, preparation for shape sorting activity and shape recognition, this idea was to provide similar experience that an imbucare box provides, I could not justify spending hundreds of dollars to purchase all these Montessori materials.

deposit box with square prisms

on the left side of the shelf there is a box of Lego, a basket of musical instruments, bead maze which S loves and spends considerable amount of time working with, and a wagon as explained here


top shelf

a small bead maze (manipulative skills, hand-eye coordination, concentration, shapes and colours recognition, etc)

twisty worm (can be twisted at the joints, good for motor skills)

pull along toys

sound jars (rice in one jar and spice in the other, early sound recognition, preparation for using Montessori sound boxes, look here for more details)

bottom shelf:

treasure basket with kitchen utensils, just to explore different items in the kitchen and to become familiar with the way to hold them, preparation for using them later in the practical life activities, learning their names (language lessons)

chalk and blackboard for drawing


4 thoughts on “More toys ideas at 14 months

    1. Thank you Deb, my girl loves the pop up toy so much, serves the same purpose as the imbucare peg box and is alot cheaper, it needs a great deal of concentration and is so much fun when it pops out ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. I love the thoughtful way that Montessori method advocates! It really is a beautiful thing to see such order and simplicity – your daughter is a luck girl!

    1. Thank you dear Renee ๐Ÿ™‚ I also like the simplicity of a Montessori inspired setting, that’s what I like about it most, in my observation this simplicity brings order which I believe is conducive to learning, in the same way I have started simplifying my house with less things but more useful and beautiful items. It gives me a sense of inner peace and I feel more open to take in the beauty of life and appreciate what it has to offer.

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