how is the weaning table working for us?

S is now 13 months old, we have moved the weaning table to a new spot where it is safe and secure and can not be moved. I am very amazed that it is working so well for us. As soon as S sees me preparing food for her she crawls to the table and starts getting herself up against the chair and she manages to sit independently on the chair waiting impatiently for her food to arrive.


I usually leave some snack on the table for S to help herself to during the day, I still pour water for her but she can independently pick up the glass, hold it, and drink it. with the containers I leave the lids open so she can get her snack with minimal help from me.

 Image  Image

I use this draw ( it is the bottom one) to keep the plates, cutleries, glasses, placemats, and bibs. Once S can walk properly she will be helping to set up the table. For now, she only explores the draw and takes the items in and out while I am doing my things in the kitchen.



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